Dear Local Supporter,

For 30 years, we are grateful to have been able to count on supporters like you to make the Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Dream Home a success.

Your ticket purchases have gone on to raise millions of dollars over the years for a host of local causes including funds for the Grand River and St. Mary’s hospitals.

For 2016, we have decided to delay the Dream Home project while we work on an updated plan for future Dream Homes so that we can build the best possible home for both you and our local charities in 2017 and beyond.

Keep your eyes peeled next year, and we look forward to getting back in touch soon!

All the best,

The Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club

Support the Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club Turkey Drive

Like you, the Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club (KCRC) believes every family should have a special Christmas dinner, including a turkey.
With the generosity of local businesses and our community, KCRC’s Turkey Drive has raised over $2,300,000 in support of House of Friendship’s Christmas Hamper Program over the past 10 years, which provides a gift of food to families in need at Christmas time.

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