It is with sadness that we announce the cancellation of this year’s Lobsterfest, previously scheduled for May 29.

With the social isolation, event cancellations, venue closures and daily changes in the status of COVID-19, we do not believe there was much choice.

The Kitchener Conestoga Rotary Club (KCRC) has fund-raising activities to support our community efforts, and those activities are proceeding as usual.

KCRC, through its International Aid Fund (IAF) supports numerous international causes with the theme of “Helping women and children improve their health and education”.  Those causes have not lost the need for help, and in fact, with this world-wide pandemic, they are more in need of support than ever before.

Lobsterfest has, for many years, been the primary source of funds for our international work.  With this year’s Lobsterfest being cancelled, we are looking for alternative ways to raise funds for our international casues.  If you would like to help with support of our international work, please visit:


In the meantime, we look forward to coming back to you next year with a great party and some worthy causes to support.

Richard Cantin: President

Dave Walden: Chair

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