Letter from Bangladesh

From the Kitchener Conestoga Rotary Women’s School, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dear Rotary Club of Kitchener Conestoga,

We are honored to write you again. With the grace of Almighty, here our days are going well with friends and family. Hope all the members of your club are very well. 

 Our learning progress has been improved better than before. Not only our learning, but we are progress to our life too. We’ve learned how to live well with little earnings and be happy. We’ve better understanding on hygiene, cleanliness, about our rights, social issues like dowry, early marriage and child labor. You will be happy to know that whatever we learn from our Mother School we share our learning in our community with other women who do not attend in our school. 

This month our teacher took a session about ‘Puberty Stage’ for the teenage girls of our community. On that session some of us were present there too. From that session the gilrs came to know

  • The definition of ‘Puberty’ 
  • The changes that take place during puberty ( physical, social & mental). 

Our teacher asked them what happened in their earlier life. They shared with us 

  • They felt lonely and confused.
  • Anxiety and stress.
  • Mood swings problems.
  • The physical changes.
  • Getting unexpected behavior from their family members and relatives.
  • More interested in being with friends.
  • Some have more conflicts with their parents.
  • Most of them thought, these puberty things are so humiliating.

To overcome from these feelings our teacher suggested to all that,

  • Take everything normal as the changes are natural. 
  • Instead of suffering from inferiority, anxiety and stress the teenager can involve in various kinds of social activities and accelerate their hobbies and creativities. 
  • The teenagers should more open with their parents and discuss everything has happen with them.
  • Parents should be more tolerant towards their children and become friends of them.
  • Take nutritious food and lots of water. 

The session is very important and effective for all of us as we could behave properly with our children of teen age. 

 In our last letter we shared with you about our friend ‘Anna’. Today we will tell you more about her. It was a struggle for her to attend in school as her husband and in-laws did not want her to admit in Mother school. They did not value education as they are illiterate and thought education might not be important for Anna in such mature age. But Anna was determined and coming to Mother School she already started to realize the benefit of education for her and for her children. One day she shared her problem with our teacher and the mothers. Then our teacher ‘Alpona’ and some mothers went to her home to convince Anna’s husband and her mother-in-law. We showed them Panna’s notebook and shared with them about the benefit of teaching little children including their own family children. After a long conversation, her family satisfied. The present time, Anna’s family is very happy that she is learning and teaching her children as well.

Another friend is ‘Shima’. She has two daughters and a son. Three months before, her husband went through a major surgery. After surgery the family felt in deep financial crisis. Even Shima had to stop school of her children. Shima already have developed skills of teaching little children. In this situation she thought she could do some teaching to the children of well-off family nearby to earn some money. Immediately she told her friends in schools to look for the interested wealthier guardians who want to teach their little children and would pay for it. In few weeks’ time she got some proposal and started to do the works. The money she earns is not a lot but enough to send back her own children to school and to support her family to buy foods.   She is very thankful to her friends who supported her with idea and connected with wealthier families.

Let’s wish for us that we can do well for our own life and for the life of our community people.

With love,

(Hena, Nargis, Anna, Bilkis, Begum and Khorsheda)

Mothers of Kitchener Conestoga Rotary Women’s School

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